Sunday, January 10, 2010

Noor's Hat

So I just finished finished a hat for my friend Noor. It's a lacy beret made in golden yellow DK weight cotton yarn called Millefili by Filatura di Crosa. It's got a beautiful sheen and, because of the laciness, took less than a 50g ball to make. There was no pattern on Ravelry that fit the vision I had in my mind, so the result is something I just made up as I went. I didn't make a gauge, either. I've never worked with DK weight before, and I'd probably change a few things as I went along, but all in all I'm satisfied with the finished product!

Hopefully I'll get one of those styrofoam head busts soon so I don't have to hold up hats and make them slouch to the best of my ability.

Here's the pattern of the hat as pictured:

Materials: 50g of Millefili by Filatura di Crosa (cotton, DK weight) in Gold (#298)
Size J crochet hook

Gauge: none, but I used an almost annoyingly loose tension since cotton has very little give, so I wanted to make sure each stitch was a little bit loose to accommodate stretching.

JOINING: Here's how I chose to join each round, since it seemed to do a good job of minimizing a noticeable seam. Each round begins with a chain, which counts as the first stitch. To join the round, simply slip stitch between the chain and the first real stitch of the round.

Directions: Round 1. In magic ring, ch2 (counts as first dc), 14 dc. Join. [15 dc]
Round 2. ch3 (counts as first dc, ch1), *dc, ch1* in each dc. Join. [30 sts: 15 dc, 15 ch1]
Round 3. ch5 (counts as first tr, ch2), *tr, ch2* in each dc. Join. [45 sts: 15 tr, 15 ch2]
Round 4. ch3 (counts as first dc, ch1), *dc, ch 1* in sp between each tr and in each tr. Join. [60 sts: 30 dc, 30 ch1]
Round 5. ch5 (counts as first tr, ch 2), *tr, ch 2) in each dc around. Join. [90 sts: 30 tr, 30 ch2]
Round 6. ch1 (counts as first and last sc), *5 dc in space between tr, sc in tr, ch3, sc in tr* around. After last ch3, instead of a final sc, join normally to first ch1. [150 sts: 75 dc, 30 sc, 15 ch3]
Round 7 (contains mistake which is later corrected. See note.). ch4 (counts as first dc, ch 2) *dc, ch 2 in 3rd dc of each 5dc, dc, ch2 in each ch3 space* around. Join. [93 sts: 31 dc, 31 ch2]
Round 8. ch4 (counts as first dc, ch2), *dc, ch2* in each dc around. Join. [93 sts: 31 dc, 31 ch2]
Round 9. ch7 (counts as first dc, ch 5). *dc, ch 5* in EVERY OTHER dc around 13 times. Then, dc, ch 5 in THE NEXT DC THAT WOULD FOLLOW THE "EVERY OTHER" PATTERN (AKA, in the dc two away from the last dc you stitched in). Join. [90 sts: 15 dc, 15 ch5]
Rounds 10 - 12: ch5 (counts as first dc, ch 3), *dc, ch 3* in each dc around. Join. [60 sts: 15 dc, 15 ch3]
Round 13. ch3 (counts as first dc, ch 1), *dc, ch 1 in ch 3 space, dc, ch 1 in each dc* around. Join. [60 sts: 30 dc, 30 ch1]

Fasten off and weave in ends!

NOTE: This mistake happens due to the fact that the first ch4 of round 7 is made in the first ch1 of round 6 which counted as a sc. None of the other dcs in round 7 are in a sc, so it adds an extra dc, ch2 to the round. This is fixed in round nine by decreasing at the end of the round and not doing a dc, ch 5 in the next logical dc, but rather joining the round. I'll try to think of a way around this later!

Until then, happy crocheting!

Let's try this out...

So, I've decided to keep up a little blog about the goings-on of my life and supplement the whole thing with crochet projects I'm working on.